April 2021

Gist og Vist makes three-year commitment to Burðardygt Vinnulív

Gist og Vist makes three-year commitment to Burðardygt Vinnulív

Today Gist og Vist announced they would be joining eleven founding companies on the three-year Burðardygt Vinnulív initiative.

The trial project, launched in January this year, aims to advance sustainable business practice and contribute towards UN Sustainable Development Goals such as Climate Action.

Johannes Jensen, CEO of Gist og Vist said: “We are very happy to be on board with this project. It has been a difficult twelve months for the tourism and hospitality sector in the Faroe Islands, which has increased our focus on building resilience within the industry. Investing in its environmental sustainability is one way in which we plan to do this.”

Januar, Audit and Accounting Firm, have also recently joined forces with the companies as a Partner to the initiative on sustainability reporting.

Later this year, the network of businesses will announce a joint plan focussed on addressing the growing risks and opportunities facing the corporate sector.

The eleven founding member businesses are: Bakkafrost, Betri Bank, Effo, Faroe Ship, Føroya Tele, JT Electric, KJ Hydraulik, MBM, P/F Poul Michelsen, SMJ and Vónin.

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