Faroe Islands
GHG Calculator

In 2023, in collaboration with the Faroese Environment Agency, we sponsored a GHG calculator for the Faroe Islands, targeted at Faroese businesses.

Download the calculator.

Faroese ESG
Reporting Guide

In 2022, we launched the first draft of a Faroese ESG Reporting Guide aimed at supporting businesses to start reporting non-financial information. The guidelines were endorsed by the Minister of Environment, Industry and Trade, Faroe Islands and the Managing Director, House of Industry, Faroe Islands.

Download the report in English or in Faroese.

Faroese Recycling Survey

In 2022, in collaboration with the two waste management companies in the Faroe Islands, IRF and KB, we conducted a survey of Faroese households to understand their attitudes and behaviours related to waste management. The research was given to the waste management companies and member companies involved in putting packaged products onto the market. It also formed part of a wider piece to analyse the recycling landscape of Faroese waste, which was shared with member companies.